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Quantity: 6 pieces

Complexity: medium

Working time: 45 min

Total preparation: 1.5 hours


  • 3 egg whites

  • 100 grams of sugar

  • 75 g ground hazelnuts

  • 75 grams of sugar

  • 75 g nougatine crumbs (make your own, see below)

  • 3 packs of long-lasting whipped cream of 200 ml

  • 30 grams of sugar

Other supplies

hand mixer, grease-free mixing bowl, 2 piping bags with large serrated nozzle, baking tray with baking paper


Preheat oven to 150 degrees.

Beat egg whites until stiff in a grease-free bowl and gradually add 75 g sugar.

Beat for 5 minutes until stiff.

Mix the 100 g sugar with the ground hazelnuts and almonds.

Carefully fold this mixture into the stiffly beaten egg whites.

Place the serrated piping nozzle in the piping bag and then add the whipped mass.

Pipe 12 rounds of approximately 7 cm on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Pipe long strips from the rest.

Place the plate in the preheated oven for 40 minutes.

When they are done, you can feel this when they are hard on top, immediately slide the rounds off the paper and let them cool.

Crumble the long strips of nogatiene that you just baked.

Beat the whipped cream with 30 grams of sugar until firm.

Place the whipped cream in a piping bag and pipe a slightly smaller round of whipped cream onto a baked foam round.

Apply a layer of whipped cream on the flat side of the other foam round and dip it in the nougatine crumbs.

Place this on the foam round injected with whipped cream. Gently press something.

Garnish with a small dollop of whipped cream and, if desired, a chocolate or chocolate shavings.
Then, if you have one at home, place the nougatine pastry in a paper caisse.

Your delicious pastry is ready!

Tip: make pastries a few hours before you want to eat them and put them in the refrigerator,

then the whipped cream will absorb a bit into the foam and it will be even tastier.

Tip: you can store the baked meringue rounds for a number of weeks in a well-sealed container.


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