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Mustard dressing

Quantity: enough for a salad

Complexity: easy

Working time: 5 min

Total preparation: 5 min



    • 4 tbsp (extra virgin) olive oil

    • 1 tbsp (white) wine vinegar

    • 3 tsp mustard

    • some salt and pepper to taste

    Other supplies

    empty peanut butter jar, jam jar or other jar with a lid!

      Very simple dressing that can be used as a base for other dressings, add thyme, rosemary, garlic or other herbs and you have a completely different dressing.


      Pour all ingredients into the pot and put the lid on; shake it! until everything is nicely mixed.

      If you need more, simply multiply by 2 or more. If you have any left over, put the jar in the refrigerator. You can keep it for quite a long time.


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