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Mayonnaise (+ variations)

Quantity: 1 large pot

Complexity: easy

Working time: 15 min

Total preparation: 15 min


    • 2 egg yolks

    • 1 full tsp mustard

    • 300 ml vegetable (not olive) oil

    • 2 to 3 tbsp vinegar (or lemon juice)

    • salt and pepper to taste

    Other supplies

    jar for storage


      Make sure all ingredients are at room temperature.

      Place a bowl on a tea towel, to prevent sliding, and add egg yolks, mustard, salt and vinegar (or lemon juice). Beat together with a whisk.
      Very gradually (drop by drop) mix in the oil. The mayonnaise will become thicker at some point. This takes time!
      Once a third of the oil has been added, the rest can be added slowly in a thin stream while whisking.

      You can dilute the mayonnaise with a little water if necessary. Add a few drops of vinegar (lemon juice), salt and pepper to taste.

      Sriracha mayonnaise/tabasco mayonnaise:

      1 to 2 tbsp Sriracha or Tabasco
      6 tbsp mayonnaise

      Mix and dip with chips, baguette, carrot, cucumber, pepper.

      Garlic mayonaise:
      2 to 3 cloves of garlic
      6 tbsp mayonnaise

      Squeeze the garlic and mix it with the mayonnaise. Also a nice dip.

      Tuna mayonnaise:
      2 cloves of garlic
      1 can of tuna (in water or oil)

      Squeeze garlic. Mash the tuna and mix both with the mayonnaise. If you add some water you can also use this as a dressing over a salad or roasted vegetables.

      Cornichons mayonnaise (remoulade sauce)
      2 tbsp sour gherkins (cornichons)
      1 tbsp capers
      1 tsp mustard
      1 tsp parsley, tarragon and/or chervil (if you have this on hand)
      6 tbsp mayonnaise

      Combine all ingredients and stir well. Delicious with fish fingers.


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