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Celeriac/potato puree with fried onion

Number: 6 persons

Complexity: easy

Working time: 15 min

Total preparation: 35 min


    • 1 kg of potatoes

    • half celeriac

    • 3 to 4 onions

    • 50 to 100g butter

    • 200 gr grated Gouda cheese

    • salt and pepper to taste

    Other supplies

    Potato masher


      Peel potatoes and celeriac and cut into small cubes.

      Put both ingredients in 1 pan with some salt and cook for 18-20 minutes.

      Coarsely chop the onions and fry them in a frying pan until light brown.

      Drain the potatoes/celeriac and steam dry over low heat.

      Add a knob of butter (to taste) and mash together.

      Add the fried onions, pepper and some grated cheese and taste.

      If necessary, add some salt or pepper.

      Very tasty with the lamb shank recipe!


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