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Chicken with lemon from the oven

Number: 4 persons
(or if you like half a chicken; 2 people)

Complexity: simple

Working time: 10 to 15 min

Total preparation: 60 min


  • 1 Chicken

  • 2 lemon

  • pepper and salt

  • 2 toothpicks or a skewer


This is the easiest and tastiest (Italian) chicken dish

that you can find! Chicken meat does not become dry

but remains nice and juicy!

Heat the oven to 180 degrees.

You need a lot of salt and pepper to rub the chicken with, so I put that together first in a small container.

Take the lemon and squeeze it a few times and/or roll your hands over your counter with considerable force to bruise the inside. Take something with which you can pierce the lemon and perforate the lemon all around! Poke 20 to 30 holes (fork is the fastest)

Clean the chicken and rinse the inside well. Dry the chicken on the outside. Evenly distribute/sprinkle the salt/pepper mixture evenly on the inside of the chicken and then the outside. There should be salt and pepper everywhere and rub it in a little.

Put the lemon in the chicken and try to close the 2 openings (neck and butt) as best as possible with the skewer or toothpicks (as little air as possible should escape).

As you can see in the photo, the tying did not go well here (small chicken compared to (too) large lemon) but that does not matter for the taste.

Place the chicken in the roasting pan with its breast up. Do not add butter or oil, the chicken is fried in its own fat! and will not stick to the roasting pan.

Place in the middle of the oven.

After 15 minutes, carefully turn the chicken over so that the skin remains intact. If you have sealed the chicken properly on both sides, the skin will puff up like a balloon (looks nice!).

Let the chicken roast for another 20 minutes at the same temperature.

After 20 minutes, set the oven to 200 degrees and let the chicken roast in the oven for another 15 minutes.

Remove the chicken from the oven and carefully (without piercing it) remove the lemon from the chicken.

Voila, a delicious, crispy and tender chicken!

Serve in the roasting pan, the juices in the roasting pan are also very tasty!

We often place peeled and cut potatoes around the chicken in the roasting tin (stir occasionally)! Delicious!


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