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cheese cookies

Quantity: about 30 pieces

Complexity: easy

Working time: 10 min

Total preparation: 20 min


  • 100 grams of flour

  • 100 g butter

  • 250 gr old cheese

  • some coarse black pepper

  • what nonsense

These cheese biscuits are always a hit with us. Quickly prepared and ideal to prepare in advance (store in refrigerator or freezer). If you plan it so that when your guests arrive they have just come out of the oven, your house will smell wonderful!


Finely grate the old cheese.

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees.

Add the flour to the grated old cheese and mix it in a bowl.

Add the butter and knead quickly with your (cold) hand.

Divide the mass into two or three parts and roll into a sausage about 1.5 / 2 cm thick.

Cut the roll into slices no larger than 1 cm.

Place the slices on the oven tray (possibly on baking paper).

Place some cumin seeds on half of the cookies.

Place in the oven and check after about 12 to 20 minutes to see if they are nice and golden brown.

When they are golden brown, remove the oven tray and let it cool on the tray for a few minutes.

Then put on a platter and serve, they are also tasty cold... but usually they don't get the chance to get cold with us....


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