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Green peppersauce

Quantity: 1 servings

Complexity: easy

Working time: 5 min

Total preparation: 7 min


    • 20 grams of butter

    • 1 small onion or shallot

    • 2 tbsp whole green chillies

    • 2 tbsp cognac

    • 200 g crème fresh (1 container)

    • salt and pepper to taste

    Other supplies

    baking pan

      Green pepper sauce is delicious with steak, pork tenderloin or any other piece of meat.

      Once you have fried the chosen piece of meat and let it rest in a piece of aluminum foil, you can make this sauce. When the sauce is ready you can serve it with sauce.

      Mis en place

      Chop the onion/shallot


      Use the leftovers from the meat you have fried. You can also do this if you don't have it, but it will be less full of flavor!​

      Melt the butter in the frying pan over medium high heat.

      Fry the onion/shallot there.

      Put in the brandy, (and if you want to make a show, light the alcohol).

      Add the crème fresh to the pan and stir until it has an even color.

      Taste and add salt and pepper (preferably ground).

      Let simmer briefly and keep warm over low heat until you want to serve.


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