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Gooische Hap

Number: 4 persons

Complexity: easy


    • Rice crackers with nori

    • Chuka wakame wakame salad

    • Fresh tuna, smoked salmon or scallops (small)

    • Wasabi

    • Mayonnaise , preferably the Japanese kewpie

    • Furikake (spicy wasabi spice mix)
      we have Rice Mix Furikake Kameya Wasabi
      or if you really can't find lightly roasted sesame seeds

      Just this:

      We have this recipe from Julius Jaspers and he called it Gooische Hap (link added). Super tasty amuse-bouche. Julius makes it with fresh tuna and it is very tasty. We made it with a piece of lightly (self-) smoked salmon and later with small fried scallops and we really liked that too.


      • Let the chuka wakame thaw and drain.

      • Mix wasabi with (Kwepie) mayonnaise 1:10, set aside to let the flavor penetrate.

      • Taste the wasabi mayonnaise and adjust to your taste if necessary (we would really like the spiciness of wasabi).

      • Place the wasabi mayonnaise in a piping bag/bottle.

      • Set aside until use

      • If you don't have Furikake:
        Roast sezam seeds carefully, don't let them burn!

      • If you use scallops ;

        • Pat them dry.

        • If you can't find any small scallops, cut them in half.

        • Sprinkle with a little flour.

        • Fry briefly over medium-high heat (3 to 4 minutes total for both sides

      • Cut the tuna, salmon or scallops into sashimi-like pieces/slices and fit on a Nori chip.

      • Spread the toast à la minute with chuka wakame,

      • Place a piece of tuna, salmon or scallop on top

      • Make some stripes with the wasabi mayo and sprinkle with furikake / .


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