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Smoked salmon

Quantity: 1 salmon side

Complexity: easy

Working time: 20 min

Total preparation: 5 to 6 hours


  • 1 salmon side

  • 210 grams of salt

  • 90 grams of sugar

Salt/sugar ratio 70-30

Other supplies

Large container (preferably lockable), cold-smoking oven,
flexible fillet knife

    Smoking salmon is easier than you think, but so much tastier than buying it in the store. Delicious on a sandwich with a little mayonnaise, slices of home-smoked salmon and a soft-boiled egg!

    Mis en place

    If necessary, scale the salmon side. We always try to buy cleaned salmon.


    In a container that can hold the whole salmon (or cut into parts), throw the salt and sugar.

    Mix this well.

    Place the salmon in the container with the mixture and make sure the salmon is completely covered.

    Leave the salmon in the salt/sugar mixture for at least 4 hours.

    Preferably no longer than 6 hours, otherwise the salmon will become too savory.

    Remove the salmon from the mixture and rinse well and pat dry.

    Hang or place the salmon in the cold smoker.

    Smoke the salmon at least twice for 12 hours. Smoking more is possible according to personal taste.

    Cut nice thin slices of the smoked salmon diagonally.

    It's great to make your own salmon salad.


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