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split pea soup

Quantity: 10 persons/soup bowls

Complexity: simple

Working time: 30 min

Total preparation: 3.5 hours


  • 500 g split peas

  • 500 g ham slice (preferred)
    or shoulder chops (meat with bone)

  • 500 g smoked bacon, piece with
    bones and rind

  • 1 celeriac

  • 2 large onions

  • 200 g winter carrot

  • 2 large leeks

  • 2 potatoes

  • 1 bunch celery leaves (no longer attached to the tuber these days)

  • 4 vegetable stock cubes

  • 4 tsp smoked paprika powder,

  • salt, pepper to taste

  • 2 liters of water


Day in advance:

Place the split peas in cold water 24 hours in advance.

Next day

Rinse the split peas and put them in a large stockpot with 2 liters of water.

Add 4 stock cubes, the ham slice/shoulder chops and piece of bacon.
Bring to the boil and let it simmer.

While all this is simmering, prepare the vegetables.

Peel the celeriac and potatoes and cut them into cubes.
Peel the winter carrot, halve it and cut into slices.
Remove the outer leaves from the leek and throw them away. Cut the leek in half lengthwise, rinse clean under the tap and cut into half-centimeter pieces.

Rinse the celery leaves under the tap and chop it coarsely.

Add these chopped vegetables to the pan with split peas and the meat.
Bring back to the boil and let it simmer gently for 2.5-3 hours.
Stir the soup well regularly.

Remove the meat from the pan, remove bones and rind and any pieces of fat, cut into pieces and add back to the soup. Add the smoked paprika powder.

Taste the soup and add some salt and pepper if necessary.

As you can see, I don't use smoked sausage. My experience is that these slices of sausage become tasteless because all the flavors are absorbed into the soup.

You could possibly add slices of smoked sausage when serving the soup.
Delicious with baguette/rye bread and bacon.

Good luck and enjoy your meal!


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