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Delicious recipes

Actually there are two of us! We prefer to remain anonymous, but let's call ourselves Jan and Kees, beautiful old Dutch names!

This site is a solution to our problem. Our partners (sisters of each other) are the real hobby chefs. They look in the kitchen cupboards to see what's there and...bam! There is another delicious complete meal! They see a recipe, adjust it and...bam! There is another delicious complete meal!

But if you ask after a year; "can you make that again?" we often get the answer; "Well, I have no idea how I made that."

So this site was actually born out of necessity!

Recording the recipes so that we can use them again later and not get lost. For ourselves, for our descendants ("mom, that Indian curry was so delicious, how do you make it?") and for you, the one who accidentally ended up on this site.

We will therefore briefly introduce ourselves.

KP Jan,

Travels throughout the country and knows many locations where you can go for good food. From small snacks and street food to luxurious restaurants. Jan is very skilled in making sausages, from Italian dry sausages to Amsterdam Ossenworst. His "Green Egg" dishes are popular. But with a kitchen princess at home, he is often an observer and helper for the meals produced in the home kitchen.

KP Kees

was a member of a cooking club for over 20 years where they cooked once a month, on a fixed evening. Kees is a real recipe cook, without a recipe it becomes nothing. He doesn't do much of it at home. Although, his extensive Indian dish is in great demand in the family! With a kitchen princess at home with years of experience in the home kitchen, he likes to take a step back.

Kees has identified with his fate: tasting, making suggestions and occasionally trying himself.

To the extent that!

The recipes you find on this site are actually from our partners.

But who cares? As long as it is feasible, clear and above all tasty!

Have fun!

Jan and Kees

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