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Chocolate rocks (crunchy)

Quantity: many

Complexity: easy

Working time: x min/hour

Total preparation: 30 min


    • 700 gr (dark) chocolate

    • 300 g crunchy breakfast cereal

    • 100 g raisins

    • 150 g cranberries

    • 150 g dried bananas

    • 100 g salted pretzels (optional)

    Other supplies

    paper cake pans

      These chocolate rocks are something different from the well-known peanut rocks. You can also add roasted almonds or hazelnuts.


      Melt the chocolate 'au bain marie'.

      Once the chocolate is liquid you can add the dry ingredients.


      Stir well, all ingredients should have a layer of chocolate.

      Spoon the mixture into the paper cake tins with two spoons.

      Let cool thoroughly. Delicious with tea (even without tea).


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