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Chocolate shots

Quantity: a lot / 2 oven trays full, see photo

Complexity: simple

Working time: 45 min

Total preparation: 60 min


  • 400 g extra dark chocolate

  • 200 g regular dark chocolate

  • 2 bars of white chocolate with coconut

  • 2 bars of butterscotch chocolate

  • 2 bars of cappuccino chocolate

  • 2 tsp freshly ground coffee

  • 50 g freshly roasted hazelnuts

  • some coarse salt

Other supplies

lots of pans and containers


We love dark chocolate, milk is of course also tasty. The idea is to get various flavors in a chocolate chip, which means that you spread the chocolate on a plate, let it cool and chop it into pieces.

Heat the extra dark chocolate 'au bain marie' and pour it on the plate (paper towel underneath is useful). Heat the white chocolate in the same way and pour it next to it (see photos).

I added extra freshly ground coffee to the melted cappuccino flavor, which gives a wonderfully spicy boost.

Add the roasted hazelnuts to the regular dark chocolate, we have pushed them into the chocolate. You can sprinkle coarse sea salt on the Butterscotch flavor. Very surprising!

Let everything cool thoroughly and chop into pieces.

And then we hope that many small pieces break off that you can enjoy and eat.


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