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Mushroom omelet sandwich with cheese

Quantity: 1 roll

Complexity: easy

Working time: 20 min

Total preparation: 20 min


    • 1 sandwich (Turkish)

    • 4 large mushrooms

    • 2 eggs

    • 3 slices of cheese

    • some butter for frying

    • some pepper

    • and cheese

    Delicious (Turkish) mushroom omelette sandwich. Very tasty fresh, but also nice to take with you for lunch, just let the fried omelet cool down before putting it on a sandwich.

    Mis en place

    Cut the mushrooms into slices.


    Brown the mushrooms over low heat in a frying pan (takes time).

    Crack the two eggs over the mushrooms and stir carefully.

    Top with the cheese slices and close with a lid.

    Let it cook briefly and place it on the sandwich.


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