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Roasted potato skins

Quantity: well, quantity depends
the potato skins you have

Complexity: easy

Working time: x min/hour

Total preparation: x min/hour


    • potato peels

    • few drops of oil

    • Spice mix:

      • Smoked paprika powder

      • Cayenne pepper

      • Djinten (little)

      • Garlic powder

      • Onion powder

      • Black pepper

      • Lots of salt

    Other supplies


      After enjoying the crispy skin of the stuffed baked potato, I came up with the idea on a beautiful Thursday evening to season and roast the skins of the potatoes that I used for the sauerkraut stew in the oven. I used the same spice mix as for roasted chickpeas.

      It was a success!


      Rinse the peels well with water.

      Pat dry with kitchen paper or tea towel.

      Spread out on a baking tray (with baking paper underneath).

      Drizzle with (olive) oil and mix well with your hands so that a film of oil appears everywhere.

      Then sprinkle the spice mix over it.

      Bake the peels in an oven at 180 degrees between 20-30 until crispy.

      The thicker peels still contain some moisture, do not store but eat immediately.

      Tastes great with a (Bok) beer!


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